Japanese name 柳婆
Romanized name Yanagi-Baba
Meaning Willow hag
Type Unknown
Places Ibaraki Prefecture

Yanagi-Baba (柳婆, Yanagi-Baba) is the spirit of a thousand year old willow tree.


Yanagi-Baba looks like an old lady with long, green hair that reminds oneself of leafy willow branches, wrinkled bark-like skin and a cane cut from the wood of the old tree. There is a beautiful spirit similar to Yanagi-baba known as Yanagi-onna (柳の女, willow woman).

Although she is relatively harmless, Yanagi-baba is known to harass passersby by snatching their umbrellas and putting them into her hair. She also blows fog out through her nose and spits out tree sap.



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