Japanese name 手洗鬼
Romanized name Tearai-Oni
Meaning Handwashing demon
Type Oni
Places Kagawa Prefcture
Book(s) Ehon Hyaku Monogatari

Tearai-Oni (手洗鬼, Tearai-Oni) is a yokai from Japanese folklore.


Tearai-Oni is a giant yokai the size of a mountain with a predilection for hand washing in rivers or lakes, usually do so in a strange position in which arches her back and stares back down. Despite its size, remains today one of the most dark and mysterious yokais, but seems to be related with other yokai called Daidarabo or Daidarabocchi, legendary giants that appear in legends across Japan; the only thing is unlike Daidaraboochi habit of washing their hands in rivers located between the deepest canyons in the mountains.



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