Japanese name 松明丸
Romanized name Taimatsu-Maru
Meaning Pine torch-maru
Type Animal form
Book(s) Gazu Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro

Taimatsu-Maru (松明丸 or たいまつまる, Taimatsu-Maru) is a creature from Japanese folklore.


A hawk-like monster, trailing flames, which appears in the Gazu Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro. True to its name, its limbs appear to be burning bundles of straw or sticks. Sekien gives the following explanation:

Although its name is Taimatsu, it is the light which comes from the rocks thrown by the tengu which makes its home in the sugi trees of deep mountain valleys, I did not see it in my dreaming heart.

A similar creature, which may have been the basis for Sekien's creation, appears in some picture scrolls, such as a Hyakki Yakō Emaki in the collection of the Tokyo National Museum, and the Ihon Hyakki Yakō Zu, where it is labeled ma-en.



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