Japanese name 白溶裔
Romanized name Shirouneri
Meaning White undulation
Type Tsukumogami
Book(s) Gazu Hyakki Tsurezure Bukuro

Shirouneri (白溶裔 or しろうねり, Shirouneri) is a tsukumogami yokai that possesses old and tattered mosquito nettings and dust clothes. It is depicted as a dragon composed of rags.


Born out of a dish towel or kitchen rag which has seen too many years of use past its prime, the shirouneri looks like a ferocious, yet tiny cloth dragon.

Shirouneri flies through the air, chasing cleaning staff and servants, and attacking them by wrapping its slimy, mildewy body around their necks and heads, causing them to pass out from the stench. Occasionally, shirouneri have killed servants by strangulation, though usually they seem more interested in mischief than murder.



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