Japanese name 死人憑
Romanized name Shibito-Tsuki
Meaning Ghost possession
Type Unknown
Places Tottori Prefecture

Shibito-Tsuki (死人憑 or 死人つき, Shibito-Tsuki) is a spirit from Japanese folklore.


Shibito-Tsuki is a spirit that possesses a dead body. Once possessed, the body will have enormous power that people around it can't stop it. It'll eat and drink a lot without sleep. However, the body will be rotten day by day and eventually body fluid will come out of all the holes on the body.

In mediaEdit

  • In the Gegege no Kitarō anime, Shibito-Tsuki is a villian yōkai who appeared in episode #6 of the 1971 series and episode #64 of the 2007 series.


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