Japanese name カシャンボ
Romanized name Kashambo
Meaning Travelling water imp
Other names Kashanbo, Kashabo, Gōrai, Gorambo
Type Unknown
Places Wakayama Prefecture

Kashambo (カシャンボ, Kashambo) is a creature from Japanese folklore.


According to local legend in Wakayama and Mie prefectures, the kappa water imps have two forms. During the summer months they are called gōrai or gorambo and live in rivers, but in the autumn they begin climbing into the mountains for the winter and become kashambo. The kashambo are odd little characters the size of a six or seven-year-old child, with heads like poppy buds and bodies clad in blue travelling robes. They are said to leave footprints like waterfowl and sometimes toss pebbles into houses along their route - thus the locals know the imps are migrating and winter is on its way.

Sometimes a kashambo will wander into a person’s home and stay there, and while at first it seems to cause no harm, it often winds up spiriting away horses and making cows sick with its saliva.


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