Japanese name 飛縁魔
Romanized name Hinoenma
Other names Enshoujo
Type Unknown
Book(s) Ehon Hyaku Monogatari

Hinoenma (飛縁魔 or ひのえんま, Hinoenma), known also as Enshoujo (縁障女 or えんしょうじょ, Enshoujo), is a creature from Japanese folklore depicted has a flying monster in "Picture Book Million Tale" from the Edo Period.


A yokai who looks like a beautiful woman who seduces men into killing themselves. At first they seduce them so their wives leave them and then eventually, once they have nothing left, she makes them kill themselves.

According to the original text "Picture Book Millionen Tale", the original "Flying Beam" is a word derived from Buddhism, to reprove female criminals, even to destroy themselves with the falsehood of women's fascination. It is a word to admonish the foolishness of losing a house. The flying mermaid is a beautiful woman like a bodhisattva, but it is frightening like a Yasha, destroying the heart of a man who fascinated this figure, destroying himself, letting him lose his wife and eventually losing his life. The younger sister-in-law who once said to have luxuriously made the lords of the summer in China, the crown that the ruler of the Yin broke down, the princesses of the kings such as the prince who became a prime candidate who destroyed the circumference though it was the queen of Zhou. It is likened to this imaginary devil (legendary, their identity is taken as the fox of nine tails).

The name means "Enma of Fire", that is, "Judge of Fire Hell". The name of "Flying Guardian" or "Flying Soldier", and it is also an indication of the Tenno or Mara that brings a magic (bad obstacle) to the rim (faction). It is said that it means "flight devil" that flies over and sparks a big fire as it is related to the big fire of Tianya, a green-grocery shrine, born as Hinya.

A woman born in Haifa is said to be a youkai created from a legend that makes him die prematurely by grinding a man, as also described in the main text of "Picture Book Makoto", and in order to reprove female offenders, It is sometimes made as a youkai created not to destroy your own body and country, but by being deceived.

In Showa documents related to youkai since Heisei, the name Hinoenma literally means "flying bad luck," and she is believed to cause all manner of troubles and misfortunes. She is believed to have been born from the angry soul of an innocent woman senselessly struck down in the heat of a battle. Drinking the blood of men to replenish her life force and beauty, she hides her agreesion-and insanity. Her malevolence is well known enough that her name has been used as an idiom for misconduct since times of old "Obsession is a cruel mistress".Enchants men to immobilize them, then sucks their blood and Ki life-force. The insidious part is that your mind may remain clear while your body freezes like a stone.



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