Chabukuro by shotakotake-d77ed6k
Japanese name 茶袋
Romanized name Chabukuro
Meaning Tea bag
Type Unknown
Places Kochi Prefecture,
Wakayama Prefecture

Chabukuro (茶袋 or ちゃぶくろ, Chabukuro, literally "teabag") is a yōkai from Japanese folklore.


Originating in the Kochi prefecture, Chabukuro is a yōkai which closely resembles the common domestic teabag[1]. It is reported to float along dark roads, as if suspended in the air by an invisible string[2], and is known to spread disease by touch or by ingestion[3]. It can often be much larger than its domestic namesake[3].

In addition to appearing as a suspended apparition, Chabukuro is reported to drop from the sky, or to be found floating in streams and rivers[4]. One tale tells of how another yōkai dropped Chabukuro near graves in order to spread disease to mourners[2].


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