Japanese name 悪虫
Romanized name Akuchū
Meaning Evil bug
Type Animal form
Book(s) Harikikigaki

Akuchū (悪虫 or あくちゅう, Akuchū) is a creature from Japanese folklore.


Akuchū is a very dangerous bug which infects the spleen. It can easily move throughout its host with its flexible segmented body and broad tail. It has six sharp claws with which it strongly grasps the spleen.

Akuchū clings to the spleen and steals the food that its host eats with its hooked bill. No matter how much food is ingested, it is very difficult to gain weight or receive nourishment while infected with an akuchū.

Akuchū infections can be easily cured with mokkō (Chinese medicine made from a species of thistle).


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