Japanese name 目競
Romanized name Me-Kurabe
Meaning Staring contest
Other names Dokuronokai
Type Unknown
Places Hyogo Prefecture
Book(s) Konjaku Hyakki Shūi

Me-Kurabe (目競 or めくらべ, Me-Kurabe) is a creature from Japanese folklore.


Kiyomori, the ruthless head of the Taira clan, is something of a notorious figure in Japanese history, and towards the end of his life it is said he began to go mad and was frequently visited by otherworldly visions.

One day when Kiyomori looked out into his courtyard, it was completely filled with human skulls, all rolling back and forth. He was undaunted, and looked around for a living culprit. But then the skulls began to roll together by themselves, piling up seemingly as high as a mountain, all glaring bitterly at Kiyomori with eyeballs like a living person's. Were they the begrudging spirits of all those whose lives had been cut short by this man?

Kiyomori was still unruffled, and with a grunt stared right back at the skulls. They vanished without a trace.



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